Compound Pharmacy: For The Best Care of The Patient

Physicians always try to treat their patients with the most effective treatment. By most effective treatment, we mean treating the illness or a condition while eliminating all side effects that the patient may have from medication. But unfortunately, there is often a long list of side effects accompanying medication use, especially for people who suffer allergies.

Although the side effects are often minor, such as nausea, diarrhea, etc., some patients feel that the side effects are getting out of hand or don’t want to deal with them. That is where a compounding pharmacy comes in. A compounding medical pharmacy is a facility that prepares personalized medications as per a patient’s specific needs. Palm Desert Drug & Compounding is recognized as the Best pharmacy in palm desert and is responsible for playing the following roles:

1. Ensure proper dosing: Many of these side effects, particularly the two mentioned, are directly related to the dosing of the medication. Every patient has distinguished needs based on their age, condition, and health, and these particular side effects can often be eliminated after determining a proper dosage. A compounding pharmacy works with doctors to tailor medications to proper dosages for patients to help eliminate side effects that get in the way of treatment.

2. Eliminate drug a patient may be allergic to: Many times patients are allergic to a compound used in the commercially available medicine. If that is the case with you, we can help you produce your own personalized medication safe for you without altering its effectiveness.

3. Change the form of the drug if the patient is not comfortable consuming it: patients often have difficulty consuming medications, especially kids and the elderly. For instance, if you or your kid doesn’t like swallowing tablets, we can convert them into syrup with flavor to make it easier for you and your kid to consume them and get better soon.


Why Choose us?


At Palm Desert Drug & Compounding, we believe in going above and beyond for every patient, making us the Best pharmacy in palm desert. Our goal is to be more than a regular pharmacy by providing personalized medications, durable medical equipment, and a unique selection of other medical services. We can also help you with Medicare open enrollment as we handle insurance paperwork every day and can offer you invaluable insight on different plans, costs, and coverage.

Besides that, we have also managed to establish ourselves as the best Medical supply store in palm desert, providing patients with quality medical supplies. We are fast and friendly. Give us a call today!


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